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SKYBEN has introduced a program for the children, studying under class five. This program includes the enlisted subjects. We encourage guardians to admit their children in this program with these four subjects to expect an even grooming, but taking any two or three subjects is also allowed. Many times people decide to buy our software license without joining the classes, but in many cases it is found that lack of proper guidance and irregularity make them lose their interest. So, Skyben strongly recommends to join either offline (classroom program) or online classes. The features, benefits and the other views of this course are mentioned below:
  1. Our first objective is to let children enjoy their study with the help of ICT.
  2. 'Hands-on experience' will teach them how to think in extended way. It is very important as 'Thinking is developement and hardwork is polishing.
  3. This course makes the foundation strong and it helps student to enter the field of Engineering/Medical in later stage in a passive way.
  4. Classroom study is completely designed on the basis of hands-on activity.
  5. The SKYBEN-Students receives our software product license free of cost.
  6. Joining this course, ensures that children would undergo a regular learning process accompanying quality teaching and methodical practice.
  7. A SCIENCE KIT is given to each student enrolled under the program.



  • Course Name:- Olympiad Math
  • Open

    Target group: Class I to V.

    Olympiads are a path for students to compete with other students on a similar educational level. In this program we teach not only quick calculation but also the different areas of mathematics to grow overall mathematical skills. E.g. in class-II, we introduce probability by asking kids about impossible event when a coin is tossed. For the syllabi for all classes upto V visit Product (Up to V) page. Every student gets a single computer to perform the mathematical and logical activities.

    Details #K01
  • Course Name: Learning English
  • Open

    Target group: Class I to V.

    SKYBEN ensures that every child has a strong command over English. We focus on grammar, vocabulary and other receptive and productive skills of the language. We teach etiquette of the language for proper grooming. This course about communicative English helps child to build an excellent inter personal skill comprehension ability. For detail curriculum, it is recommended to visit Product (Up to V) page and to click "(Click for Detail Content)". We ensure 1:1 student & computer ratio in our language lab.

    Details #K02
  • Course Name: Computer for Kids
  • Open

    Target group: Class II to V

    SKYBEN introduces children to the world of computers and how to use them for the best. SKYBEN makes sure kids steps into the world of coding earliest.

    1. Programming helps children learn to problem-solve.
    2. Coding teaches children how to think.
    3. A child expands his creativity through coding.
    4. Coding helps children learn how to have fun with math.
    5. Computer programming is the future.
    6. Computer programming gives kids a challenge and helps them develop resilience

    Details #K03
  • Course Name: Science Exploration
  • Open

    Target group: Class I to V.

    SKYBEN provides students the facilities to explore the world of science. Interactive content ensures to cultivate an interest for science in each and every student. In this course we teach students many hands-on science experiments with proper explanation in order to build a scientific mind from the very beginning of their childhood. We include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Electronics in this program. SKYBEN provides the science kit which contains the necessary equipments and elements to carry out the science experiments and to build up models. We have altogether about 200 experiments and models in the span of Class-I to Class-V.

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