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About Founder

The organisation was founded by Er. Surajit Das who is an Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer (University of Kalyani) and who was former researcher in Indian Statistical Institute (ISI Kolkata). He worked with other world leading organizations like IBM, TCS with successful contributions in India and abroad as well. He has got many publications on Mathematics and Software Engineering and received many prestigious awards like “Young IT Professional Award” etc.

Surajit Sir has been mentoring students for JEE in his organization SKYBEN for last two years with a very high rate of success. Apart from that, he has introduced many software programmes and algorithms to provide a better education in futuristic way.

Why SKYBEN Works

Skyben has made a great headway in the learning process. It has connected the classroom & 'beyond the classroom' programs. Today's world is full of thousand tastes and gateways which attract pupils all time and sometime distract them too.

Technology has clutched everything. So it would not be a pragmatic thought to keep the learners away from it. We'd rather apply technology in interactive and joyful manners in the educational field and we have succeeded primarily.

Our Mission

Our aim is to grow up the students with a strong base so that he can crack any competitive exam easily. At the same time, we emphasize on personal grooming which is very important for a student to be identified specially in interview, but it is hardly possible for a student to grab all these over night. So it is advised to join us at early stage.

All these are done through an advanced learning pedagogy as followed by western progressive countries. Nowadays, governments in India have also altered the pattern of education and have been following the western style. They have introduced NCF 2005 (activitiy based learning), CCE (continuous comprehensive evaluation) etc. They are going against of note based study and exam. We also believe in the same way. We emphasize to grow analytical mind of students. We make the learners get out of study panic and love the subjects. We encourage thinking ability to explore something new.

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